What is Sony’s Playstation plan?

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With CES going on right now, all eyes are on the tech world. Within the world of technology, rumors of new consoles from Microsoft and Sony are starting to grow. Nothing will be announced at CES but the two companies are starting to field a lot of questions regarding prospective announcements for PS4 and Xbox 720 respectively.

I can understand why Microsoft is keeping their mouths shut. Over the holidays they recorded great sales numbers for the Xbox system and Kinect peripheral. Their plan seems to continue milking those two while making improvements to Xbox Live. I’m sure they have something in the works in terms of a new system and their plan may be to announce it at E3 this summer to take a little wind out of Nintendo’s sails with its Wii U being released mid to late 2012.

But what’s Sony’s plan?

They announced at CES that they would not be announcing a new console at E3. In fact they’re sticking to their guns as far as the Playstation 3 having “10-year life cycle.” Does that mean there won’t be another Playstation home console until 2016? Sure the Playstation 3 has a solid foundation but the Move isn’t doing as well as the Kinect in terms of peripherals and Sony doesn’t really seem interested in improving on the online functionality of the Playstation like Microsoft is doing with the Xbox and Xbox Live.

It seems that Sony is taking a wait-and-see approach. Their reasoning probably being, no one knows how the Wii U will fare once it enters the market. In addition, gaming has been changing so rapidly in the last 5 to 10 years that no one knows the true life cycle of a home console is anymore or what one will look like in the future. There is just too much competition. Mobile gaming will continue to destroy portable gaming and is a real threat to home consoles. People are content sitting at home playing games on their phone while at the same time watching TV. Another threat to the home console is social network gaming which again, has people multitasking while playing games on their computer.

Should Sony be more proactive and pummel the market with new ideas and products? Maybe. But for now they’re content to sit on the sidelines and save their nickels and dimes in this shit economy.

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