What movies would you like to see on Japan Flix?

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We at Japan Flix are always looking for ways to do our job — which is to bring fascinating, culturally-relevant Japanese film and television to the United States — better.

Japan Flix is about bringing Japanese culture abroad

Art Port KlockWorx and Pink Eiga on Japan Flix

From the great internationally renown classics of Kurosawa and Ozu to the quirkiest of Japanese underground erotic cinema, Japan has a wide-ranging tradition of excellence in motion pictures. Unfortunately, much of what Japan has to offer never sees the light of day abroad.

Japan Flix was established because we saw potential for these hidden gems outside of Japan. That’s why we talk directly with Japanese distributors in Japan, subtitle movies in-house, and built an online streaming site. By doing our job better, it benefits you and it benefits us!

Let us know what Japanese movies you want to watch next

In our efforts to improve our service, our top priority is the quality of our catalog. That’s why Japan Flix would like your input to decide which movies to add to our catalog.

What genre of Japanese movies would you like to see? Would you rather see the latest Japanese movies as they come out in Japan or the classics from Japan’s cinema giants? Do you want more anime or J-dramas? Do you want Japanese variety shows subtitled? Are there certain actors or directors you are interested in? Is there an exact title you want to see?

Let us know in the comments below or contact us on twitter (@japanflix), Facebook (www.facebook.com/japanflix), or email (www.japanflix.com/contact).


6 comments for What movies would you like to see on Japan Flix?

  1. I really liked the movie “Ikigami”. I think it’s one of my favorite movies ever! I own it on DVD though, but I’m sure others would like it too. And then of course, there’s the entire Takeshi Kitano catalogue which is awesome (but probably too expensive to obtain the rights to).

  2. I’d like to see Japanese TV shows on the site. Variety shows like “Sekai Marumie” or “Smap x Smap” are always fun. I also really enjoyed watching comedies like “Nodame Cantabile” and “Trick” when I was still living in Tokyo, and it would be nice to be able to stream the episodes online.

  3. I’d like to see blockbusters from Japan, with well known Japanese actors. I’d also like to see some vintage movies, like “Tanpopo Ramen” or such classics. I like action movies, so I’d love to see Gantz here and also Battle Royale, etc.

  4. I agree with yk2308. I think this site could be a great venue for streaming variety shows like “Gaki No Tsukai”, “Pu-SUMA”, ect.

    In terms of movies, it would be nice to have a selection of some of the older classic Kurosawa films.

  5. Fumoffu (Full Metal Panic)
    Swing Girls
    Kamome Shokudo

  6. Death Note

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