World YoYo Contest 2011 winners are mostly Japanese – declining birth rate explained

Posted on by Jin

Shinji Saito World YoYo 2011 champion of Double Hand Looping Division

Videos of World YoYo 2011 winning performances are racking up views on Youtube. What’s exciting the 2chers is that the winners are mostly Japanese, thereby confirming the long-held view of Japanese netizens that you should stay in your house and play games all day long.

These videos are intense. Check it out.

Shinji Saito, Winner of Double Hand Looping Division

Naoto Okada, Winner of Off String Division (2nd time winner)

Takeshi Matsu’ura, Counter Weight Division (3rd time winner)

Takahiko Hasegawa, Artistic Division (3rd time winner)

In case you wanted to know…

The World Yo-Yo Contest is a contest of yo-yo competitors from around the worldhosted by Gregory Cohen and As of 2006, 19 countries fed into the World Yo-Yo Contest from their respective national yo-yo contests.

Source: Wikipedia, Channel Apa



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