You wanna play human tetris at home? Be ready to fork out $250K

Posted on by Jin

Nikkan Gendai, a daily Japanese tabloid, reported the typically unheard back-story behind the making of those ridiculously, wacky Japanese game shows.

According to Nikkan, Tunnel’s Minasan no Okagedeshita, the show which went viral on Youtube for its “human tetris” segment, costs on average $250 thousand per 45 minute episode.

The reason for the high production costs? Casting. Ishibashi and Noritake, the two hosts of the show, alone cost $30 thousand. Each. Per episode.

Other shows rack out a similarly expensive receipt even for a simple talk show.

  • Honma Dekka!? TV – $200K
  • TV Tackle – $180K
  • Kaiun! Nandemo Kanteidan – $160K
  • Waratte Iitomo! – $90K
  • Shouten – $100K

I’m glad they spent that money in bringing us human tetris though. Now we have reimaginations of the game worldwide.

The Finns…

The Americans…

The French…

Most countries just take the segment too seriously. But the Italians… they took an original idea and made it better:


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